My partisanship and leadership axes are derived using my personal methodology but was inspired by the work of Josh Tauberer at and Professor Keith Poole’s Voteview.

Legislative Activity Score = # of bills sponsored + # of bills consponsored

Legislative Partisanship Score = (Partisanship score of sponsored bills) + (Partisanship score of cosponsored bills)

Bill Partisanship Score = (# of Republican cosponsors – # of Democratic cosponsors)

So if a legislator draws more cosponsors with their legislation, they move up the leadership axis.  If a legislator cosponsors other legislator’s bills they also move up. Legislators who sponsor and cosponsor bills with cosponsors of the same party are placed at the ends of the partisanship axis (Democrats to the left, Republicans to the right), and those who sponsor and cosponsor legislation that contain cosponsors from both parties or are less active legislatively typically gravitate towards the middle.

a note on normalizing

These derived attributes are normalized depending on the house of the legislator and weighted against the size of each house’s membership.  I have considered two separate visualizations for each House, but I liked the idea of having all legislators in the same space, given the limitations of screen size.