I am now officially in a major crunch, as I attempt to bring this project up to the high standards I expect of myself.  Though I’ve hit some rough patches in the past weeks, I’ve also made some significant progress.  Check it out.

What I’m most proud of is the way that Processing, JavaScript, and now the APIs are beginning to all work together.  Users can now click on a circle to get information about the represented legislator, along with their latest tweet.  Their twitter ID is pulled from Sunlight Labs Congress API.  As you can probably tell, it’s buggy right now.  Only after clicking around a few times will the tweets update, and their currently a few clicks behind where they should be, but the basic premise is working.  Synchronization is a big goal for this week.

My other major goal for this week is to setup my filtering options.   The overview, though useful, is pretty crowded, and the user will have to have many options for filtering in order to make this tool more usable.

Stay tuned, because this project will be changing rapidly.