I’m still behind where I’d like to be, but you can check out my progress here.

This week I added collision to the legislators.  They will slowly push away from each other if overlapping, starting from the scatter plot (political spectrum on the x, leader-follower score on the y).  Soon the y-axis will be replaced with the Media Quotient (MQ), which I will explain later.  I will also soon be tracking the connections between legislators through co-sponsorship, which will be displayed as tendrils between legislators and will also apply some light force to each other (creating natural clusters of co-sponsors and thereby, political factions).  I’m still working on implementing the real-time feeds that will be available for each legislator (and how to display these feeds – I’m running out of pixels already!).

I also reworked the aesthetic, removing the alpha from the legislators.  This may change later, or may be used to help highlight the user’s “focus legislator”.