Been extremely busy finishing up some work on my research assistantship, but soon that work will be out of the way, freeing up more time for this project.

That beings said, I spent a fair amount of time last week turning some of GovTrack’s XML files into CSVs and uploading them to my database.  I then spent some time making some form fields on my page interact with my viz.  However, eventually I plan on keeping all of the UI elements on the Processing canvas if possible.  Check it out here.

The scatter plot puts the spectrum data from GovTrack on the x-axis and the leader-follower stats (also from govTrack) on the y-axis.  I also turned all the female legislators into circles.  I also realize there are likely some problems when viewing this in Safari, but compatibility issues are low on my priority right now.

Sunlight Labs released their Real Time Congress API last week, and I hope to integrate that into a real-time mode that will include Twitter, YouTube, and news feeds.  I’ve also decided to spend some time figuring how to circumvent using PHP and mySQL, relying instead on just a combination of JavaScript and XML (and API feeds).  I feel I’m wasting too much time converting data using the SQL & PHP format and can speed up the entire process by avoiding this.